Video Production Services Don’t Have to Cost a Fortune: Here’s How We Do It! August 4, 2021

The year was 1984. I was a film undergraduate at Cal State San Francisco, and I just got the disappointing news that Film students would not be able to really touch any equipment or make actual films until senior year. That wasn’t my biggest disappointment that year because David Lynch’s DUNE had yet to be released, but it was a big letdown. As I examined my options, I found out that Cal State Hayward had just built a state-of-the-art video…

It’s a kind of magic May 6, 2021

People sometimes ask me what it’s like to make TV commercials for a living and they often suggest that it must be fun. So, I’ll let you in on a little secret. It is. First of all, I’ve always liked telling stories and making jokes. Getting a laugh out of somebody is always a shared Dopamine surge – you know that you gave someone some happiness and it feels good. Now multiply that by a 1000 people watching a video…

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