Castaway Creative is a full-service video production company. Simply put, we handle all the steps to take an idea from concept through delivery. Every production project, regardless of budget, will include three phases: pre-production, in-studio or on-location production and post-production. Castaway Creative handles all the primary crew functions in-house including Copywriting, Directing, Cinematography/Camera Operator, Aerial Piloting and Videography, Editing, VFX, and Color Grading. But that is just the start of what Castaway Creative provides to our clients.

We have the experience to guide you through the process by starting with straight forward estimates for timeline and budget. We have the right equipment to get the best shot under any conditions. We have the tools and resources to bring everything together in the edit suite: audio, video, animation, and visual effects.

Whether your customer watches your video on a smart phone or in a movie theater, they are seeing professionally produced content that reflects the best your business has to offer.



We’ve produced thousands of TV commercials for local, regional, and national clients. We know how to make your business stand out from the clutter, which has won us an award or two!



Social media, interviews, product launches, marketing, and training? Done that. A message from the CEO a year in the making or a 12 hour turnaround to solve a PR need? Done that too. We can help you craft compelling content for your corporate narrative with speed and economy.



Whether you need help with the message or the method, we’ve got your back! Castaway Creative offers the flexibility, experience and fast turnarounds to help you keep pace with the ever-changing social media. Ask us about The Castaway Creative Mini-Set.



Castaway Creative gives back to those that work for people in need and the people in general by offering discounted services to state, county and local governments and to non-profits.

Power Up Your Digital Marketing with Our Video Production Services

Castaway Creative’s all-inclusive video production services cover everything you need to tell your story. Need a 30-second video for your socials? Maybe you need a corporate training video or a quick clip for your product launch. How about a good ol’ fashioned commercial?

Whatever it is, Castaway Creative can handle all phases of your project, including:




Every video project begins with a careful plan. This includes finalizing your concept, creating a schedule and ironing out all the details. Our meticulous pre-production process ensures a stress-free, cost-effective and productive shoot.



Lights, camera, action! Whether we’re shooting in a studio or on-location, trust our cinematographers to capture the best shots for your project, under any condition. We’ll also handle all primary crew functions such as copywriting, drone piloting and directing.



Here’s where the magic continues. Castaway Creative’s editors use the latest editing software to transform your footage into a digital marketing asset. Our post-production services include titles, motion graphics, animation, music and sound design, visual effects and color grading.



Finally, we can deliver the final video in whatever file format you need. We can also help you upload to YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, your website or any video hosting service you have in mind.

Castaway Creative: Our Video Production Services

As for what kind of marketing videos we can craft for you, you name it.

The Castaway Creative team has produced thousands of TV commercials, corporate content, social media assets and projects for government and non-profit agencies.

Below are just a few examples of what we can do for you:

  • video production TV commercials
  • video production Demos and promos
  • video production Social media videos
  • video production Video blogs
  • video production Training videos
  • video production Product launches
  • video production Motion graphics and animated videos
  • video production Website and landing page videos
  • video production On-location shoots
  • video production Studio productions
  • video production Explainer videos
  • video production Live-action interviews
  • video production Video testimonials
  • video production Video case studies
  • video production Video editing
  • video production And many more

Got an idea you’re not sure how to execute? Not sure what kind of videos you need for your upcoming digital marketing campaign? We got you covered. Simply schedule a consultation and we’ll start from there.

Tell Us About Your Project!

Whether you’re looking for help with an entire video marketing strategy or need a team for a single commercial video production, Castaway Creative is ready to help. You may call us at 888-971-2278 or drop us a line using our online form. Feel free to reach out anytime!

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