shaun daniels

Shaun Daniels


I’ve made motion pictures since I was ten years old. My brother and I made 8mm monster movies, spy films and learned patience by animating our GI Joes frame by frame. We even made our own Star Trek episode (I join Leonard Nimoy and Zachary Quinto as people who have portrayed Spock on film). We would watch crappy monster films on Creature Features with our Dad, inserting our own dialogue and mocking the poor production values. Fast forward several decades later and it’s only gotten worse. I’m into all things pertaining to motion pictures. That’s TV and film, every type, every genre. Everything from Saturday morning cartoons to the Late Night Movie, Molière to Tarantino, German Expressionism to Japanese Anime, 40’s Film Noir to 70’s Grindhouse to odd things on Netflix. I have a hefty collection of Criterion Blu-rays and an even bigger collection of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes (but truth be told, most days I’d rather watch something from Russ Meyer or Roger Corman than from Francois Truffaut). And if I don’t love it, I’m passionate about what I hate about it. Happily, this Love and Hate has been harnessed and has allowed me to make my living making videos for the last 25 years, primarily in the corporate communications arena and the 30 second TV spot.

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