jason krams

Jason Krams

Producer/Director of Photography

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to go into medicine. First, it was forensic pathology, then a surgeon (thank you Quincy M.E. and St. Elsewhere). But then I realized, it wasn’t so much about the medicine, it was that they were on TV! So my decision was made. I figured I might as well learn from the best, so I applied to the USC School of Cinema/Television (and was accepted as a freshman) and 4 years later had diploma in hand ready to conquer the airwaves. That diploma came with a pretty hefty price tag, so I found an entry-level position making local commercials…Fast forward 20 odd years and here we are with a career that has taken me to 2 major markets producing ad campaigns for local, regional, and national accounts. We’re talking THOUSANDS of spots over the years; sprinkle in a few bronze and silver Telly awards, 2 CAB awards, a lot of happy clients, and there you have it. I also like pie.

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