jackie corbiere

Jackie Corbiere


I came to study TV production by a process of elimination. When asked to pick a major in my sophomore year at Florida International University , I took a long look at the choices – subtracted the sciences, business, and others – then noticed TV production was an option. Thinking I was buying some time, I chose this major and enrolled in a few classes. I’m happy to say, twenty years on, it was definitely the right decision. Add to that, the decision to start Castaway Creative, and I have to say the next 20 years are looking good too! Over the years, I have worked on literally thousands of commercials and video projects both in South Florida and the Bay Area. From local retailers with a single location to large corporate clients, I enjoy working with businesses to create effective advertising that works. Favorite books (I’ve read them many times since a teen): Jane Eyre and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

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