bryan foote

Bryan Foote

Producer/FAA Licensed Drone Pilot

Producing compelling videos has been my passion since high school and throughout my twenty-plus years in this fun and ever-changing industry. Working for creative agencies, television broadcasters, web startups, and now for myself, I have built a reputation for producing successful messaging and campaigns. And my well-rounded experience enables me to create a variety of content for a diverse set of clients.

My approach is specifically geared towards helping you reach your specific goal of promoting your organization, your brand, attracting more customers, increasing employee engagement, pride, or knowledge, educating viewers, or other goal. You are competing with the expansive content available to viewers and limited mind share. You need a way to capture the attention of the people you want to reach. And I love the challenge of creating a visual experience that gets a client’s message imprinted in the minds of viewers.

My philosophy is simple… make it compelling, make it entertaining, make it memorable. Everything else will follow!

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