Santa Clara Vector Control

This was a fun one that unleashed the power of compositing! The concept was to have a rat teaching a class of rats on the finer points of being rats. The reality? We only had one rat puppet. The solution? Compositing! Using the green screen mini-set, each rat in the spot is the same rat puppet redressed and given their own bit of business. Just look closely: one is eating an apple, one is taking notes, one is startled by the bell and drops his/her notes, one is nodding in agreement with the teacher. Sandwich them all together and what do you have? No, not a rat sandwich. You have a classroom full of rat students learning from their rat teacher. And a pretty memorable spot. This was almost a one-man show, with Castaway Producer Bryan Foote providing the concept, the script and all the puppetry. Partner Shaun Daniels with the assist, providing camerawork and the compositing/editing.

Project Details

Category : Commercial, Government/Non-Profit

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